Georg Jakob Diehm

b. 8 August 1888, d. 20 April 1969

Georg Jakob Diehm

Father*Georg Diehm b. 30 Sep 1854, d. 26 Sep 1920
Mother*Anna Maria Werker b. 29 Jan 1858, d. 1890
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Birth*Georg Jakob Diehm was born on 8 August 1888 at Leverkusen, Germany. 
Marriage*He married Charlotte Hebel on 28 January 1913 at Simmern Hunsrück, Germany. 
Death*Georg Jakob Diehm died on 20 April 1969 at Simmern Hunsrück, Germany, at age 80. 
Burial*He was buried on 23 April 1969 at Simmern Hunsrück, Germany. 
Note*He Religion: Protestant grandfather was baptized. Confirmation: confirmation test was 08/05/1902 and confirmation was on the Superintendent by Mr. Oertel 11,05.1902 in Simmern / Hunsrück. Oertel Superintendent was a famous social reformer in the tradition of Raiffeisen. In my research in the 'Schmiedel, turned out that the Journals is only since 1930. But the confirmation document of the Diehm's boys took Ralf's wife-Horeis by the management of Schmiedel out for me in January 2006. Our grandfather George Diehm was Frühinvalide. He had lung disease and could therefore his job as a carpenter not ausüben.Da but to live was not enough his disability pension, he helped in the pharmacy Kirchmayer, simmering on in the market from. I know even that Grandpa with the cart always to station went and took the medicines for the pharmacy in reception. He had the timetable in the head and then was on time at the station. Today one would probably call this one I AG. He was just the girl for everything for the family Kirchmayer. I found a book on the final phase of the second War in the Rhine - Mosel - Hunsrück - room by Willi Wagner, Simmern 1995, 330 pages: "War at home" page 62-72 A terrible day for Simmern; 15 March 1945 invasion of American troops, the report of the witnesses Horst Kirchmayer, son of a pharmacist Erich Kirchmayer. Include references to our grandfather. I give the pages 64-66 of the articles above again, where our grandfather and aunt Elsie were mentioned. It is the 15th March and the night of the 16th March 1945.

"The Hoffmann tion` barn behind our neighboring land was burning with great smoke. The smoke darkened the sky for a moment before the flames could penetrate. Everything was running, saved and deleted. With my father and our laboratory Georg Diehm I tried to reconcile with our neighbors Josef Reuter's bedroom. Soon, however, the danger was averted and contained the fire. Our house had gotten 28 responses of the 2 cm projectiles. The tracer had but fortunately nothing set on fire, because the stores were empty. In the kitchen the table a bullet smashed through the temple, where a few moments our Anna had sat before. We breathed a sigh of relief. But already the news came from further destruction in the city. A bomb destroyed the house in the `sche Mühlberger Koblenz road. There are four Personenn died. A second bomb destroyed the homes of the families Diel. Falter Jung umd in the Koblenz street. A third bomb ripped a hole in the back of the mayor's town house in the street. Yet it should not indulge ourselves to be quiet, the thick end was yet to come. Strong Bomberplulks covered cruised over the city sky. We kept permanently on in the basement and were busy trying to reinforce the wooden pillars in our air raid shelter or trace the wedges, when an explosion shook our house so that we in the basement made a little leap into the air. The Wytze `sche house was taken and buried seven people among themselves. When leaving the cellar father met in the hall a completely dirty soldier, he was bleeding on his face there would be vebunden. This soldier happened gersde with his Sankawagen the street when the bomb hit the house next to him. When I looked outside the house, the ruins, a huge dust cloud hung over the place at the candelabra and took any view. I was not the hotel "Zum Goldenen Lamm" still the home of Fritz Goetz to see. Our neighbor across the street Ghiselli came to us running out, and stammered: "It is all around no more!" After some time, when the cloud had passed, we saw where the bomb had struck, and immediately ran to the house Wytze. Mrs. Berta Peiter that came with dust and disturbed from their basement, told us the situation of Wytze `sches air raid shelter. but new circled, flying and had to be reckoned with attack one another, cried my father, "Flying" and we all rest in our basement. When my father was right at the basement window because he heard gunshots. He saw a soldier in front of our house for cover and felt that the planes shot again. He shouted to the soldiers, but to look at our front door cover, what this did. With him still 4-5 soldiers came into our basement. Then, what was that? Does not that sound like rifle fire? Really. As father looks at 17:50 clock, the first Americans with the first American tanks driving past our house. I can only see how the Americans fired to the left, right and up with their rifles and heavy machine guns on the tanks, then I ran back into the shelter. Father is also and said: "The war is over, the Yanks are here." The shelter was full to bursting. Overall, we had 18 people. Besides the 4-5 soldiers were following four people with us in the cellar: Grandma Schweikert, Miss. Jütten (assistant), Mrs. Trenker from Luxembourg with her two daughters, Alice and Alma. They were tenants of our second floor, the man as a railroad here in the service, he returned only on 17.3.1945 on foot of Stromberg, traversing the Soonwald, Anna Bast, Mary Göhl (both maids) Frl.Reichhard (Pharmacist), Miss. Lotte Schöllhammer (Trainee) and Georg Diehm (laboratory assistant and factotum) *) Now, my father ordered that all men and all women in a basement the other should go in the. The soldiers burned, sorry as they also did their pay books and awards. They then went up to let themselves be lured. Dis Americans suspected more soldiers in our house and pushed to the basement stairs. From there they fired an MP down the stairs and met a frame, on which pure tin cans filled, some with salves, stood. This gave a roar, collapses when the whole stuff! A few minutes later - suddenly a shot in the yard - and a loud hiss in the laundry. What had happened? Three bullets had pierced the water pipe made of lead. The margins were well above the other, the upper just above, the second and in the third directly under the line. Fortunately there was in the shelter of the stopcock for this part of the building. Now, however, also had to be turned off the faucet. After it was dark already, I was lying in the forward medicinal basement, turned on the tap and took the keys to the canning rack. It was not exactly a pleasant feeling to climb over the fallen rack, which made noise and of course to be taken that could appear at any moment one Ami. There we were, not daring to us from the basement. When it was still dark, we saw the red glow of fire and thought our cultivation - Villa called burn - would. Mr Diehm finally went with Miss Schöllhammer and brought the news that burn the houses would Gratwohl and Brandis. This was the most exciting night of my life, and I will not forget them. From time to time there came a Ami and illuminated us with a flashlight. We, anxious as we were called, then each time: "we surrender." We give ourselves! I thought of this shot through the head, why do so many of the school this term. But necessity is the mother of invention. Outside shots were fired at regular intervals from a gun. It sounded horrible. In all possible and impossible positions, sitting, lying huddled and we are so in the cellar until it began to be tomorrow. Above us we heard the Americans and foreign workers upstairs and downstairs and roam the house to put it on the head. They were constantly on the wine cabinet and stole him up on a few Unopened bottles of liquor. One of the wardrobe standing next to the original wine crate they did not identify them as, giving us 25 bottles of "Trabener Chicken Mountain", the confirmation will get. At last the morning we heard a voice: "Papa" call could not know but to whom they belonged, and who meant was. Later we learned that it was the daughter Diehm. (I think it must have been Aunt Else, Jürgen)) Then father decided to go upstairs with me, my. How surprised was he when he dispensary in the whole of the district police are looking Simmern in civilian clothes. Behind the counter sales desk in the formulation of three U.S. officers were standing at the lectern. I later learned was a commander been. The film actor Peter van Eyk had been there at that time also. When my father took off his coat and suddenly stood in a white coat, the officers stared at him from top to bottom and left the house after my father had said to them: "Here is now underway!" A Ami came with a bottle of black currant liquor from the basement, my father stuck to a black "Gift" head had. He asked: "what is it? That may drink, you drink first, "My father was drinking and wanted to put away the bottle. As the Yanks just grinned and took it. When I was behind my father out of the basement, grabbed me at once a lieutenant who taught me in fluent German, that it is now say with the Heil Hitler. Where is my honor dagger? With these words he pulled my already DJ-airspeed and the gala page of my father's gun from his uniform pocket. Whether I was in the Hitler Youth? In my reply, I had to half a year too young, he stopped responding and went. "In this way, we now know that our grandfather during the invasion of the Americans on 15 March and on the night of March 16 not at home has moved.

*) Factotum From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: an factotum (from Latin u003c : = Fac totum make all things) is an outdated, now often derogatory term for someone in a company or household has a variety of tasks. Such a person is today "for everything" called the girl. History: The 19th Century was occupied, the term still positive: ... a man who is in a certain circle, all in all, all concerned, from which everything depends. (Meyers, 1888). In the 20th Century, but found instead a change, the factotum was now the older, sometimes something wonderful staff, whose only distinction was that, while his long and no work was too good for. At 13:06:06 I was at the funeral of my cousin Hans Werner Diehm in Simmern and took the opportunity, with the author of this article, Mr. Horst Mayer Kirch, son of Aphothekers to speak Kirch Erich Mayer. We talked about his Erlebnisse1945, which he has held a student essay in. We talked also about his memories of my grandfather, who has taught in all craft abilities "Everything that I possess technical skills, I learned from her grandfather!" "He was the best janitor we've ever had, he could just everything. When received in the last days of the war by explosions shattered window panes, her grandfather took the pictures off the wall. The glass from the frame cut and replaced the broken window panes. We had then, as now, a lot of pictures. Her grandfather was also for me as a grandfather and I will never vergesssen "For me Scluss Horst Kirchmayer still a copy of the periods of my grandfather in the house church Mayer. It was a handwritten notebook, a 6 DIN size, the father of Horst, so meticulously Kirchmayer all of its employees has entered. Beschäftiungszeiten Erich Accordingly, my grandfather was from 04/01/1944 to 03/01/1947 as a laboratory assistant, and up as of 06/30/1959 messenger busy. (Jürgen Diehm) in 2010. 


Charlotte Hebel b. 15 July 1888, d. 23 March 1963

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