Anna Maria Werker

b. 29 January 1858, d. 1890

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Birth*Anna Maria Werker was born on 29 January 1858 at Heidberg - Leverkusen, Germany; Birth Registry registry Schlebusch (Leverkusen), 22/1858. "Birth of Anna Werker No 22 Schlebusch among Solingen the thirtieth of the month one thousand eight hundred and eight in January and fifty mornings eleven Clock appeared before me William Koch, mayor, as officials of the civil state of the mayor's Schlebusch, the Mathias workers, thirty-seven years old, stand laborers residing in Heidberg, which tells me that of his wife Anna Maria Richrath, residing in the twenty-ninth Heidberg January this year, two in the morning clock a female child was born, which child's first name was Anna settled. This declaration is done by me, recorded in the presence of two witnesses, as: 1) Wilhelm Schäfer, twenty-nine years old, State: farmer, residing in Heidberg 2.) Franz Heinrich Wolf, twenty-nine years old, stand: day laborers, Quetting living on. Current certificate is therefore the declarants and witnesses read, approved and signed was. (Followed by the signatures of Mathias Werker, Wilhelm "Schifner, Franz Heinrich and Wolf Koch).. 
Marriage*She married Johann Kuckelberg in 1880. 
Marriage*Anna Maria Werker married Georg Diehm, son of Gereon Peter Diehm and Barbara Boos, on 27 November 1886. 
Death*Anna Maria Werker died in 1890 at Mühlheim Rhein, Germany. 

Family 1

Johann Kuckelberg b. circa 1850, d. before 1886

Family 2

Georg Diehm b. 30 September 1854, d. 26 September 1920

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