Leonard Vernon Boston

d. March 1954

Marriage*Leonard Vernon Boston married Malinda Belle Carpenter
Death*Leonard Vernon Boston died in March 1954.1 
Note*He and Malinda Belle Carpenter My parents, Leonard Vernon Boston and Malinda Belle Carpenter Boston, moved to a small house on this farm. Dad was employed in the oil fields in Volcano. There were eight children in our family. On Sunday afternoons we sometimes entertained ourselves by gathering around the organ, singing with relatives and friends. Dad died in March 1954, and my mother died in 1959.
Arthur, the oldest, married Zora Deems and had three children. He lived in Parkersburg at the time of his death in 1982.
Edna married Joe Trembly; they live in the Parkersburg area and have four children: Ivan, Virginia, Wanda Lee and David.
Grace married Lawrence Geer and had six children. She lives in Parkersburg.
Wilbert married Ruby Trembly and lives in the Parkersburg area. They are parents of three children.
Raymond married Isabelle Rutherford (1920-1952). They were parents of four children: Patricia, Loretta, Robert and John. Raymond later re-married to Mildred Cunningham and lives in the Parkersburg area.
Dorse married Juanita Houchin; they live in the Walker area and are parents of one son, James.
Ruth (1922-1974) married Arnold Rutherford, who died September 1982. They had three children: Pearl, Roy and Charles.
Roy C., staff sgt. serving in World War II, was killed in Luxemburg, Germany, in February, 1945. Roy was a squad leader, holder of the Purple Heart and Good Conduct Medal. He was born July 8, 1924, and is buried in a soldiers' cemetery in Luxemburg.
We attended the Fairview School. I remember a man by the name of Mr. Rose coming to our school and entertaining the children by playing three musical instruments at one time: French harp, drum and accordion. We also attended church in the same building. We children all found employment in or near Parkersburg and reared our families here. Descendants of Vern and Belle Boston present in 1984 number approximately 160
--by Edna Boston Trembly in 1984.1 


Malinda Belle Carpenter d. 1959

Last Edited9 Sep 2009


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