Madison Jenkins

b. circa 1830, d. between 1868 and 1870

Father*John Jenkins b. 1794, d. 1847
Mother*Nancy Jackson b. 1805, d. bt 1860 - 1870
Madison Jenkins|b. c 1830\nd. bt 1868 - 1870|p3264.htm|John Jenkins|b. 1794\nd. 1847|p3193.htm|Nancy Jackson|b. 1805\nd. bt 1860 - 1870|p3194.htm|||||||S. P. Jackson|b. unknown\nd. unknown|p3253.htm|M Childers|b. unknown\nd. unknown|p3254.htm|

Birth*Madison Jenkins was born circa 1830 at Ritchie County, WV. 
Note*He payed personal property taxes between 1848 and 1860 at Ritchie County, WV. 
NoteHe is appointed to a commission to view and mark a road "commencing in the low gap at the head of Galaspies Run, thence down Lowthers Run to the Jenkins fork of said run and report to this court the comparative conveniences and inconveniences that will result as well to individuals as to the public generally" on 8 November 1848 at Ritchie County, WV. 
(Living With) CensusHe appeared on the census of 1850 in the household of James (Jim) Jenkins and Mary Elizabeth Jones at Western District, Ritchie County, (W)VA; James Jenkins 27 laborer, Elizabeth Jenkins 27, George Jenkins 9, Madison Jenkins 24 laborer.1
NoteMadison Jenkins indictment for misdemeanor. in March 1851 at Ritchie County, WV. 
NoteHe Court reviewed misdemeanor indictment and declared Madison an "Outlaw" for not appearing in court when ordered. in May 1851 at Ritchie County, WV. 
Marriage*He married Mary Stanley, daughter of James Stanley and Sarah (Polly) (?), on 8 July 1852 at Ritchie County, WV. 
NoteMadison Jenkins Judgement ordered against Madison for $30 and costs for the misdemeanor indictment against him. in August 1853 at Ritchie County, WV. 
NoteHe Judgement for debt against Madison by David McGregor for $9.60. in June 1855 at Ritchie County, WV. 
NoteHe Fine and court costs paid for indictment on misdemeanor charge, and Madison is released from confinement. in July 1855 at Ritchie County, WV. 
NoteHe He gives deed of trust to L.A. Phelps, trustee. in May 1858 at Ritchie County, WV. 
Death*He died between 1868 and 1870 at Ritchie County, WV. 


Mary Stanley b. 10 October 1836, d. 10 January 1925

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