Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Deems

b. 1 December 1861, d. 23 October 1894

Father*Simion S Deems b. 24 Mar 1837, d. 1 Feb 1929
Mother*Susanna Yonkers b. 29 Dec 1840, d. 3 Feb 1907
Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Deems|b. 1 Dec 1861\nd. 23 Oct 1894|p2425.htm|Simion S Deems|b. 24 Mar 1837\nd. 1 Feb 1929|p1872.htm|Susanna Yonkers|b. 29 Dec 1840\nd. 3 Feb 1907|p2424.htm|Israel Deems|b. c 1811\nd. 2 Mar 1897|p1630.htm|Alezon Underwood|b. 12 Oct 1818\nd. 6 Feb 1893|p1871.htm|||||||

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Burial*Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Deems was buried at Taylor Cemetery, Washington Co, PA. 

Mary Elizabeth Deems married Samuel (Doc) Bernard Nickerson. Melvin Nickerson says Simion did not care for Mary Elizabeth's choice of a husband because he talked her into marrying him without telling her parents, he also said Simion and his wife were upset because Mollie as Mary Elizabeth was called, had so many children so fast. She died at the age of 33. When Simion died most of his estate was left to his grandcgildren since Mollie was already deceased. May Elizabeth Deems and Samuel had eleven children. Several years after Mollie died, Sam moved his family to The Dallas in Oregon. When he brought part of his family to Oregon, he and a couple of his sons went first and homestead in Boyd, Oregon. Mary, Sams daughter , was put in charge of the rest for the train trip and was given a pair of shoes for her efforts. She had two dollars in her pocket for milk money and they all took the train to Oregon. 
Birth*She was born on 1 December 1861. 
Marriage*She married Samuel Bernard (Doc) Nickerson on 13 February 1876. 
Death*Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Deems died on 23 October 1894 at age 32. 


Samuel Bernard (Doc) Nickerson b. 17 February 1854, d. 27 April 1932

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