James Hiram Deems

b. 30 October 1846, d. 7 July 1886

Father*John Green Deems b. 22 Feb 1812, d. 20 Jan 1898
Mother*Abigal Buffington b. 31 Mar 1819, d. 21 Jan 1901
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James Hiram Deems was born on 30th of October, 1846 at Fort Madison Lee County, Iowa. Pat Lester tells me "He was a mystery man, not many records can be found on him. He was left out of the family Bible records we located in Missouri." The Bible belonged to his brother and wife but other members of the family were recorded. He is on the scroll, written by Jessie Booth though, that was located in Oklahoma listing all of the children and the death date of Abigal, his mother. Possibly it was because of his marriage. He appears on the 1860 census at Fort Madison, age 4. In 1870 in Missouri, he is listed on the census, age 14. In 1880, he is listed as being married7 years and living in Indian Territory. He married Eliza Jane Ward in 1873. Her parents were John S. Ward, a white man and Betsy Pidgeon, a Cherokee Indian. Eliza was born on the 9th of April 1857 on Pryor Creek, Cherokee Nation IT, Oklahoma. James Hiram died on the 7th of July 1886 and buried on the 8th in Old Hickory Grove, Oklahoma. After his death Eliza married James R. Stout, She died the 25th of August 1892, and was buried in Prairie Grove, Oklahoma. James Hiram and Eliza Jane had seven children.
Pat Lester has information on the Indian Teritory. She has done such a complete job on the early interaction with the white people coming into the Indian Territory. Although there was blood shed and heartache over the years, she tells me there was a list called the Intruders List (Non-citizens, white people living on Indian Territory). They had to have a permit to live and work there, fifty cents a month. Although she has not located James Hiram on the Intruders List she feels he must have had a permit since when his will was probated he had land. NOTE She has a bible belonging to Clara Abigal with a permit in it. 
Birth*He was born on 30 October 1846 at Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa. 
Marriage*He married Eliza Jane Ward, daughter of John Ward and Betsy Pidgeon, circa 1873. 
Death*James Hiram Deems died on 7 July 1886 at age 39. 
Burial*He was buried on 8 July 1886 at Old Hickory Grove, Oklahoma. 


Eliza Jane Ward b. 9 April 1857, d. 25 August 1892

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