Jacob Jennings Deems

b. 14 February 1817, d. 2 December 1900

Father*Jacob Deems b. 1780, d. 3 Sep 1873
Mother*Mary Jennings b. 1798, d. c Dec 1819
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Birth*Jacob Jennings Deems was born on 14 February 1817 at Pike Run Township, Washington County, PA. 
Marriage*He married Catherine Barton on 1 March 1836. 
Marriage*Jacob Jennings Deems married Louisa A Arnold, daughter of John Arnold and Chloe Bishop, on 4 November 1851. 

Pioneers of the Saoil and the Church, To Cecil E Beeson, Blackford County Historian, Blackford Indiana, By Margaret A Karol, January 15, 1981 Wilbur, saline County, Nebraska.
The following ia a statement written by Jacob Jennings Deems, January 1, 1899:
I was born in washington County, Pike Run Township in the state of Pennsylvania in the year of eighteen hundred and seventeen, Feb. 14th my fathers name was Jacob Deems my mothers name was Mary Jennings. Before she married my father the Jennings lived near a stream of water called Pigon Crick - my father had four brothers Uncle George the oldest John was next Mark was next and Adam and father making five brothers my mother had and sister named Lucrecia and married William Lenard and my mother had two brothers Uncle Israel and Uncle Degrass Jennings.

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Uncle Israel moved west at an early age but Uncle Degrass lived and died in washington County the younger Jennings that is the boys moved west and south farther brothers were all gone before him father lived to be eightyseven years old before he died my mother had three children the oldest my sister Deborah and my brother Israel two years older then myself and myself. Father had two sisters Catherine the oldest narried Nathaniel Jones and Aunt Mary married Samuel Crow this statement includes fathers Brothers and Sisters which were my Uncles and Aunts on fathers side.

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There is a number of the name Deems living in different states I think we are distant Relatives for there was a number of boys among them; some years after my mother died father married a second wifes name was Hufman. Before she married father and so I had a step mother and she was a good one to me I doubt we ever had one ill word and I stayed with father till I was 21 years father owned a good farm and was a farmer himself. I was married in eighteen and thritysix the first time to Catherine Barton and we lived together about eleven years and she was taken away she died of consumption age twenty eight years old.

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There was four children from my first Mariage three daughters and one son which was taken away early in life. The daughters all lived and married and the oldest one lived in Cleveland Ohio the next oldest lived at Oakaloosa Town the younger in California Grissly Flats and all had familes of their own and I married my second companion Miss Louise Arnold of Washington County on November fourth eighteen hundred and fiftyone and we lived together about forty years and we had ten children three sons and seven daughters and the daughters all married and one son at this date and doing well as could be expected.

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Both my companions were excellent women and nice looking and them and myself lived pleasant lived together I have been a single man since my last companion was taken away staying with my children and all of them are very good and kind to me for which I am thankful and I do hope and pray thay they all become God loving and God serving people is still my prayer and gain a home in heaven above for I beleive the departed spirits be there with theirs to praise the Blessed Lord forever and I would like all my children to be with me.

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Well now for myself at the time I write this I am advanced in years aand am well blessed with health for which I am so gratful to the good Lord I am a man that has loved and served the Lord for many years in the past like and I am so glad that I love him and delight in keeping his commandments I have enjoyed a great deal of his love and peace in the past years and still do and the Lord tells me in his blessed word he will never leave nor forsake those that keep and do his commands and my faith in him enables me to believe him and I expect when it is his will to call me from earth to heaven I will praise him in glory.

Jacob Deems

OBITUARY CRETE DEMOCRAT DECEMBER 19, 1900 on 1 January 1899. 
Death*He died on 2 December 1900 at age 83. 

Family 1

Catherine Barton b. 1821, d. 4 October 1849

Family 2

Louisa A Arnold b. 21 December 1830, d. 9 January 1890

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