Johan Marcus (Mark) Deems Sr

b. 4 December 1754, d. 14 April 1814

Father*Johannes Adam Diehm b. 8 May 1707, d. 8 Mar 1802
Mother*Anna Christine Laudenclos b. 27 Apr 1724, d. c 1797
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Johannes Diehm USA

Birth*Johan Marcus (Mark) Deems Sr was born on 4 December 1754 at MD. 
Note*He was attending a catachism class, son of Johan and Anna Christina on 6 February 1771 at Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick, MD. 
Marriage*He married Elizabeth Fleming circa 1774. 
Military*Served in the military between 1776 and 1777; while a resident of Maryland, served in the Revolutionary War, participating in the battles of Long Island 27th August 1776 at Long Island, NY, Trenton 25th December 1776 Trenton, NJ on the Delaware River and Brandywine 11th September 1777 Pennsylvania, west of Philadelphia. 
NoteJohan Marcus (Mark) Deems Sr Deem's Dependence. According to legal papers found in the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg. Mark Deam applied for a warrant of survey. The land, situated in Fallowfield Township on the waters of Pike Run, adjoining land of John Fleming, George Reigel, Jacob Reigel and Robert Reily, consisted of 400 acres. He agreed to pay two pound for 100 acres. The land in 1782 already had improvements on it.

History of Washington County, PA by Crumrine page 189 .... gives many names of persons who lived in West Pike Run Township in the early part of the present century. Among them were Rezin Beall, Charles Dobbs, Mark Deems, George Fitzsimmons, Elanor Hopkins, Thomas Hopkins, William Howe, Robert Hill, James Moffitt, James Mitchell, Abijah Riggs, and George Riggle. Information has been obtained but few of this number, same the fact that their names belong in the list of early settlers. The land owned by Mark Deems was a tract located near Beallsville, which is still in the possession of the descendants of the family. He had four sons, Mark jr, Jacob, John and George Deems. His daughter became Mrs. David Jenkins. Mark Deems jr married Mrs. Baker. Jacob's wife was Miss Duvall. John died in Illinois. George Deems was married twice, first to Miss Baker and after her death to Miss Sharp.  
Note The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted Mark Deam a certain tract of land called Deam's Dependence consisting of 341 acres and 1/4 in Washington County. Located on the waters of Pike Run adjoining land of John Deem, Michael Riggle, William Claus, Isaac Pedan, Robert Reily, and John Fleming. At that time Mark had paid four pounds, three shillings and four pence. on 31 July 1786. 
Census*He and Elizabeth Fleming appeared on the census of 1790 at Washington County, PA; Mark Deem Head of Household. Free white males of 16 years & upwards, including heads of families 1. Free white males under 16 years 4. Free white females including heads of families 2.1
Note Governor Thomas Mifflin signed the surveys and descriptions of the land, making Mark and Elizabeth Deam, official owners of their land. on 21 October 1791. 
(listed in) WillListed in the will of Johannes Adam Diehm on 30 August 1797 at Fayette County, PA.2
CensusJohan Marcus (Mark) Deems Sr and Elizabeth Fleming appeared on the census of 1800 at Pike Run Township, Washington County, PA; Mark Deem listed as head of house. Free white males 10-15 2, free white males 16-25 2, free white males 45 and over 1, free white females under 10 1, free white females 10-15 1, free white females 45 and over 1.3
CensusJohan Marcus (Mark) Deems Sr and Elizabeth Fleming appeared on the census of 1810 at Pike Run Township, Washington County, PA; Mark Deem head of the house. Free white males 16-25 2, free white males 45 and over 1, free white females 10-15 1, free white females 45 and over 1.4
Death*Johan Marcus (Mark) Deems Sr died on 14 April 1814 at West Pike Run Township, Washington County, PA, at age 59. 
Burial*He was buried on 16 April 1814 at West Pike Run Township, Washington County, PA; is buried on his land in a family plot in a woods with only a few other markers around his orginal head stone. 
Will*He left a will in 1815; Mark died intestate but the papers to settle the estate are in a file D 2 1817. Listed are George Deem, John Deems, Mark Deems and Jacob Deems. Alexander Peden and Thomas House witnessed the signatures. Mark's son bought his cloths and so the signatures. The value of Mark's cloths were listed as $73.12 1/2 cents. David Gills was paid $12.00 for two coffins and Barbara House $3.75 for her services of taking care of Mark & Elizabeth. James Mitchell was paid from the 15th of March until the 23rd of April for 17 visits and 2 councils with Dr. Switzer for the total sum of $26.24. On May 12th, the estate received $1.40 for medicine returned. William Welsh was made guardian of Mary Deem, Mark's daughter. Daughter Catherine was married to Nathanial Jones. Only five papers of the estate exist now and there were 13 pages at one time. Nathanial Jones and Catherine bought 5 bushels of corn, a plough, 2 clives and twisted link, a spinning wheel for a dollar, and a lot of dried apples. Mark Deem bought an old barrel, a windmill, or dutch fan for $20.00, a plough and irons. Adam Deems bought an old looking glass for .51 cents and a small bible for .55 cents. Mary Deems bought a Johnstons dictionary for .31 cents. Jacob Deems a Dutch Bible for $1.00.

Orphans Court Book b page 245 in Orphans Court of October 1814, the following submitted: No. 24: On the petition of Mark Deem, George Deem, John Deem, Adam Deem, Jacob Deem, Nathanial Jones & Mary Deem, heirs of Mark Deem, deceased, setting forth that they have mutally agreed to have partition made of the real estate of the deceased and that they will take it at it's valuation and for the purpose of holding an inquestion and making Partition of the same, together with the valuation of each lot. I pray the Court to approve.
Signed Jacob Riggle, John Welsh jr, Thomas Hopkins, John Flemming, Jacob Griffith, Alexander Pedin and Zephariah Beall, Esquire.
Whereupon the Court grant the prayer of the said petitioners.
March Orphans Court 1815

Agreeably to an order of the Orphans Court at October 1814, we the undersigned haveing viewed the premises do report the the valuation of the several lots by partition as follows. No. 1 containing 127 acres and thrity perches strict measure valued at $2,416.80. No 2 containing 116 acres and 96 perches $1,706.01. No 4 containing 159 acres valued at $2,305.50. No 5 containing 159 acres valued at $5,067.00. No 6 containing 100 acres and 32 perches valued at $907.42. No 7 and 8 containing 17 acres and 114 perches valued at $177.13. Diagrams of the several lots attached.
Given under our hands and seals the 6th day of January, 1815.

According to the diagrams, John Deem and his wife Jane Greene received No. 1, Mark Deems and Ann Riley received No. 2, George Deems and his wife Elizabeth Fisher received No. 3, Adam Deem and his wife Sarah Roland received No. 4, jacob Deems and his wife Mary Jennings received No. 5, Mary who later married Samuel Crow received No. 6 and Catherine & Nathaniel Jones received No. 7 & 8.

The petition for the division of Mark's land is listed in Orphan's court, Book B page 245 and was settled in October term, 1814. The men taking part in the valuation and partition of the same were: jacob Riggle, John Flemming, John Welsh jr, Jacob Griffith, Thomas Hopkins and Alexander Pedin. 


Elizabeth Fleming b. 1756, d. April 1814

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