Jacob Deem Jr

b. 10 August 1790, d. 12 January 1884

Father*Jacob Deem Sr b. 9 Apr 1764, d. a Jun 1850
Mother*Eva Ann Cox b. 1767, d. b 1860
Jacob Deem Jr|b. 10 Aug 1790\nd. 12 Jan 1884|p137.htm|Jacob Deem Sr|b. 9 Apr 1764\nd. a Jun 1850|p20.htm|Eva Ann Cox|b. 1767\nd. b 1860|p136.htm|Johannes A. Diehm|b. 8 May 1707\nd. 8 Mar 1802|p3.htm|Anna C. Laudenclos|b. 27 Apr 1724\nd. c 1797|p6.htm|Michael Cox Sr|b. b 1740\nd. 24 Jan 1815|p366.htm|Elizabeth Desloch|b. unknown\nd. unknown|p368.htm|

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Birth*Jacob Deem Jr was born on 10 August 1790 at Fayette County, Pennsylvania. 
(Living With Parents) CensusHe appeared on the census of 1810 in the household of his parents Jacob Deem Sr and Eva Ann Cox at New Point, Wood County, (W)VA; Jacob Deem Head, Free White Males Under ten 3, Free White Males ten thru fifteen 1, Free White Males sixteen thru twentyfive 4, Free White Males fortyfive and over 1, Free White Females Under ten 2, Free White Females ten thru fifteen 1, Free White Females twentysix thru fortyfour 1.1
Milit-Beg*Jacob Deem Jr began military service on 16 September 1812 Jacob Deem Jr, volunteered in CAPT William Prince's Company, 1st Virginia Militia Regiment, 2nd Battalion, on September 16, 1812. Two of the men of CAPT Prince's Company were Turner Boulware and Jonas Sams. Under the law at that time, he would have been paid $124.00 bounty in cash and a claim for 320 acres of land. His pay was $8.00 per month.

Jacob was not in the same Company as his brother Abraham. Though in different companies, Jacob was with Abraham when he died and helped bury him at Ft Meigs Ohio. 
Milit-End*He ended military service on 12 April 1813 at honorably discharged. 
Milit-BegHe began military service on 30 August 1814 Jacob Deem re-enlisted for six additional months on August 30, 1814. On September 5, 1814, he was commissioned an Ensign, (equivalent to our present day rank of second lieutenant), in CAPT Henry Steed's Company, 5th Virginia Militia, made up of Wood and Randolph County men, under COL I. Booth. He was stationed at Norfolk Virginia. He was transferred to CAPT J. Walmsley's Company and served with John T. Siinms, Thomas Dawkins, Apollos Ruble, Jacob Ruble, Noah Barnes, Bazzle Wilson, William Stephens, Elijah Kincheloe and James Melrose.

Jacob Deem's company was sent in relief of BG John Stricker at Baltimore. BG Stricker was leading the Maryland militia to North Point to encounter the invading British troops. Jacob Deem was present at the siege of Baltimore, September 13-14, 1814. Naval bombardment of Ft McHenry continued for 25 straight hours. There, Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star Spangled Banner" between midnight and daylight of the 13th of September. The patriotic song destined to become our National Anthem was set to music the very next day. It was sung at a theatre in Baltimore that night and Jacob Deem heard the first performance of or beloved anthem. Jacob Deem served under CAPT Walmsley and CAPT Davidson from August 30, 1814 until February 22, 1815. 
Milit-EndHe ended military service on 23 February 1815 at Fort Nelson, Norfolk, VA; After his discharge, Jacob and a comrade bought a mule and rode through the mountains to Wood County Virginia. 
Marriage*He married Margaret Hill, daughter of John Hill and Agnus Stuart, on 20 July 1815 at Wood County, (W)VA; Minister Reece Woolf.2
NoteJacob Deem Jr bought 92 acres of land at the mouth of Jacksons Run from William Hill, his father-in-law in 1820. 
Census*He and Margaret Hill appeared on the census of 1820 at Wood County, (W)VA; Jacob Deem jr head of house. Free white males under ten years 1,Free white males of twenty six and under forty-five, including heads of families 1, Free white females under ten years 1.3
CensusJacob Deem Jr and Margaret Hill appeared on the census of 1830 at Wood County, (W)VA; Jacob Deem head of house. Males 10 and under 15 1, males 30 and under 40 1, females 10 and under 15 1, females 30 and under 40 1.4
Note*Jacob Deem Jr War Department Dexlaration

I Jacob Deem Jr. of Wood County age forty three years and upwards do certify that I have from my earlist recollections understood from my father Jacob Deem, that his brother Adam Deem was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and I believed the statement to be correct. Given under my hand this 17th day of Feb 1834 Jacob Deem Jr.


I Peter Deem, son of Jacob Sr. aged upwards of forty one years have heard the above statement of my brother Jacob and concur therein. Given under my hand this 17th Feb. 1834 Sworn to in open court byPeter Deem

Jacob Deem Jr. & Peter Deem Teste Jn. Stephenson Jr. on 17 February 1834. 
Census*He appeared on the census of 1850 at Wood County, WV; Jacob Deems (age 60, B-Pa., Farmer) with his wife, Margaret (age 57, B-Pa.), and family: Erastus (age 18, B-Va.); also Rosenah Johnson (age 26, B-Va.) & Mary Tracewell (age 50, B-Va.) # 850-850. 
NoteHe Under the Congressional Act of September 28, 1850, Jacob applied on October 19, 1850 for bounty land. He was then age 60, a resident of Wood County, Virginia. He was given 16 acres on Bounty Land Certificate 8556. on 19 October 1850. 
Marriage*He married Elizabeth Ruble, daughter of Polser Ruble and Ann Masters, on 23 July 1863 at Wood County, WV; Minister Jonathan Steele.2
NoteJacob Deem Jr Jacob, then age 80, applied for a pension. He was then a resident of Steele District, Wood County West Virginia. He stated his first wife's name was Margaret Hill. His pension certificate was # 3578. Jared Florence was a witness to his mark on 30 March 1871. 
NoteHe applied to have his pension increased He was still receiving $8.00 per month and was a resident of Rockport, Wood County West Virginia. He stated "I am 90 years old and cannot labor any ." on 7 February 1881. 
Burial*He was buried in January 1884 at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Chesterville, Wood County, WV; His grave is in the Deem cemetery on the old Stoops farm, now Glen Hendricks farm, back of Pettyville, toward the river. His headstone reads: Ensign Jacob Deem, 1 Va Mil. War of 1812. Jacob Deem Jr headstone has been moved and is now located in the Mt. Zion Cemetery at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church located in Mineral Wells, Wood Co., WV. 
Death*He died on 12 January 1884 at Wood County, WV, at age 93. 
Note*He and Elizabeth Ruble Jacob's widow Elizabeth Deem applied for a continuance of Jacob Deem's pension. H. C. James and Riley Wilson stated that they had attended Jacob's funeral. F. M. Florence and M. Young attested that Elizabeth Deem signed by her mark. on 29 April 1884. 

Family 1

Margaret Hill b. May 1793, d. 6 April 1858

Family 2

Elizabeth Ruble b. 1809, d. ?

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