Adam Deem Sr

b. 10 January 1757, d. 7 September 1856

Father*Johannes Adam Diehm b. 8 May 1707, d. 8 Mar 1802
Mother*Anna Christine Laudenclos b. 27 Apr 1724, d. c 1797
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Occupation*Adam Deem Sr occupation at Farmer. 
Note*He He moved to Fayette County Pennsylvania and then to what is now Wood County West Virginia in 1796, with his wife Catherine and their family. they settled at the mouth of Hughes River and then at the mouth of Goose Creek, Wirt County Virginia. He chose to settle where their was timber and hunting available. His land is in the corner of present day Wirt, Wood and Ritchie Counties.

Adam Deem served for about six months in Capt. Stokeley's Company of Co. Broadhead's 8th Penn. Regiment during 1777. He applied for a pension in January of 1833 for that service during the War for Independence. Stating that he had been a resident of Wood County, Virginia for the past thirty years. His application implies that he was born about 1761 in Maryland. His name was dropped from the annuitant roles in 1835.

Historian John House wrote that on this land, Adam Deem built what may have been the first log cabin. Deem was here before the County was organized

They Came Here
A History of the Families and Communities in the Petroleum-Cisco-Freeport Area,
Ritchie and Wirt Counties, West Virginia
compiled by Loraine Cox Metz, 1984

Deem Family

Three counties -- Wirt, Wood and Ritchie -- corner on property located on the left hand fork of Goose Creek where Adam Deem settled on a 3000-acre tract sometime before 1800. He and his brother Jacob were sons of John Deem of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Jacob settled on Tygart Creek, was accompanied here by James Fought, son of Phillip from Pennsylvania, after the Revolution. Adam enlisted in the Continental Army in 1777, and served under Captain Stokley.

Adam Deem

He is known as the pioneer of Freeport or Goose Creek. He came to Freeport at an early age and settled at what is known as "Deem Homestead" near the mouth of Goose Creek. He died in 1861 at the age of 104 years. He is buried on his farm along with his wife, Catherine. They were parents of twelve children: seven sons -- Adam Jr., Phillip, Jacob, John, James, David and Isaac; two of the daughters were Mary, who married William Foutty, and Catherine, who married John Foutty. Both girls married in 1816 to these two brothers, sons of George Foutty.

Adam Jr. married his cousin, Hannah Deem, and lived in the Freeport area for several years and moved to Ohio, where both are buried. The children of this couple were Abraham, John, Adam III, Isaac, Philip, Jacob, Margaret, Charlotte, Melissa and Elizabeth.

Phillip married Rachel Kidwiler, came to the county in 1810, and settled on the river not far from Rusk. They are both buried on the Dotson farm at Rusk. Their children were Perry, James, Adam, Elizabeth, Rachel, Catherine, Hannah, Roena, Mary and Cinderilla.

James lived at Freeport and is buried in the Freeport Cemetery. His wife Rachel Sargent Deems moved West after his death.

Isaac, another son, married Nancy Enoch and established a home on Goose Creek. He and Nancy had ten sons and three daughters: Abraham, Calvin, Commodore, John M., Jeremiah, Matthew, Isaac and triplets that died as infants: Margaret, Mary and Sarah.

John, another son, married early in life, lived all his life at Freeport, had three sons, David, John and Jehu, two daughters, Rachel Black and Elizabeth Braden. All their children but David remained in the Freeport area. He went West at an early age.

With this large family settling in the area, we little wonder at so many landmarks bearing the name of Deem. Deems Ford was an important factor in the development of Freeport and the successful operation of the California House.

--from Wirt County records of Deems

Marge Mayes gives this information on Adam Deem- Adam Deem migrated to Wirt County about 1796 when it was still a part of Harrison County, VA. Today, numerous residents of Wirt, Wood and Ritchie Counties are descendants of this man. Adam Deem was born 10 January 1761 at Hagerstown, MD, a son of John Deem (Johannes Diehm). His brothers and sisters were Lewis, Mark, John N., Jacob, Catherina and Margaret. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, this family was living in what is now Fayette Co., PA, near Brownsville. Adam Deem enlisted in Capt. Stokeley's Company about 1777 and his military service was typical of most soldiers of southwestern Pennsylvania. These men were to guard the forts, blockhouses, and stations along the frontier to prevent Indians from attacking the settlements or passing through to attack the American Army while it was occupied against the British. In his application for a pension for his Revolutionary service, Adam states that he marched in scouting parties, assisted in building Fort Armstrong and participated in a campaign against the Indians. In an affidavit given at Parkersburg, VA. On 12 October 1846, J. M. Steed stated: "...that I have known Adam Deem for more than 20 years... that he is 84 or 85 years of age and as I believe served his country in the Revolutionary War. He is about five feet six inches in height and of medium size...." Adam, with wife Catherine, and their children first settled on the Little Kanawha River opposite the mouth of Hughes River in what is now Newark District. By 1810, they had moved up the Hughes River and settled opposite the mouth of Goose Creek where he operated a grist mill for a period of time. Adam died on 7 September 1856, probably at the home of his daughter Mary Foutty. At the October, 1856, Term of Wirt County Court, William D. Timms was appointed administrator of his estate. He and his wife are buried at Freeport on the old Deem homestead which is now owned by Lonnie R Jones.

At the time of his death, Adam, Sr., owned 252 acres of land with some oil wells on it. Land was granted to Adam by the Commonwealth of Virginia on 10/30/1837.
Birth*He was born on 10 January 1757 at Hagerstown, Washington County, MD. 
Milit-Beg*He began military service in 1777 at Revolutionary War, Fayette County, PA,
At the time of the Revolutionary War, he was living with his father at home in Fayette Co., PA. Adam Sr. enlisted in Fayette Co., PA, in 1777 for six months' service in the Continental Army with Capt. Myre Stokely; his ensign was Thomas Stokely.

He enlisted in the 8th Regiment of the Pennsylvania line, commanded by Col. Broadhead. After his enlistment, he rendevoused at Hannah's Town, a small village, and marched from there in scouting parties for some time, and then marched to Pittsburgh, PA, and was there inspected. From there, he went up the Allegheny and built a fort, and from there they returned to Pittsburgh.

At Pittsburgh, they prepared for a campaign and marched up the Allegheny to an Indian town called Munsey Town and destroyed their corn, burned their town, and returned to Pittsburgh. On this campaign on the way up, he had a slight engagement with the Indians in which they killed seven Indians and the rest ran off. By this time, his enlistment time had expired, and he was discharged.

He returned home after serving six months and a few days. (This war service told by Adam in 1833 in his pension application). He was issued a certificate of pension on 5/9/1834 and inscribed on the roll of Virginia at a rate of $20 per year to begin 3/4/1834. He was dropped from the pension roll on 3/20/1835.

He also served as a scout during the French and Indian War and the War of 1812. Came to Wood Co., (W.) Va., in 1796 from Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. 
Marriage*He married Catherine Fought, daughter of Philip Fought Sr, circa 1781. 
CensusAdam Deem Sr and Catherine Fought appeared on the census of 1790 at Washington County, PA; Adam Deem head of household. Free white males of 16 years & upwards, including heads of families 1. Free white males under 16 years 4. Free white females including heads of families 2.1
(listed in) WillListed in the will of Johannes Adam Diehm on 30 August 1797 at Fayette County, PA.2
CensusAdam Deem Sr and Catherine Fought appeared on the census of 1810 at New Point, Wood County, (W)VA; Adam Deem Head, Free White Males Under 10, 2, Free White Males 16 thru 25, 3, Free White Males 45 and over, 1, Free White Females Under 10, 1, Free White Females 10 thru 15, 2, Free White Females 16 thru 25, 2, Free White Females 45 and over, 1.3
Census*Adam Deem Sr and Catherine Fought appeared on the census of 1820 at Wood County, (W)VA; Adam Deem Head of house. Free white males of ten and under sixteen 1, Free white males between sixteen and eighteen 1, Free white males of sixteen and under twenty-six, including heads of families 2, Free white males of forty five and upwards, including heads of families 1, Free white females of sixteen and under twenty-six, including heads of families 1, Free white females of forty five and upwards, including heads of families 1.4
Census*Adam Deem Sr and William A Deems appeared on the census of 1830 at Wood County, (W)VA; Adam Deem head of the house. Males fifteen and under twenty 2, males sixty and under seventy 1, females under five years of age 1, females ten and under fifteen 1, females sixty and under seventy 1.5
(Living With) CensusHe appeared on the census of 1850 in the household of William Foutty and Mary Polly Deem at 70th District, Wirt County, (W)VA; Adam Deem 93 farmer, Heley A Foughty 11, Mariah Foughty 25, Mary Foughty 19, Mary Foughty 53, Missouri Foughty 23, Solomon Foughty 18 laborer, Walliam Foughty 61 farmer, William Foughty 22 laborer.6
Burial*Adam Deem Sr was buried in September 1856 at Deem homestead, Wirt County, WV. 
Death*He died on 7 September 1856 at Deem homestead, Wirt County, WV, at age 99; Mouth of Goose Creek. 


Catherine Fought b. 1761, d. before 1850

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